Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Survival of the Fittest

"Survival of the Fittest" does not mean the strongest but the one that is better to able to react or adapt to the environment!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

SunZiBingFa (SunTzu's Art of War) - Books

SunZiBingFa (SunTzu's Art of War) - Books

Hehe ... sometime back I blogged about what is the "Sun Zi Bing Fa" (Sun Tzu’s Art of War) and who is "Sun Zi" (Sun Tzu).

I have also talked about some well-known writers / scholars / speakers on "SunZiBingFa" (SunTzu's Art of War), such as Mr. Khoo Kheng-Hor, Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt and Dr. Wee Chou-Hou. And of course, I have also mentioned the Sun Zi Bing Fa (SunTzu’s Art of War) seminars they have conducted all over South-East Asia.

I have received some emails from interested individuals who have indicated that they might not be able to travel to or have the necessary time or financial means to attend any seminars or courses on the"Sun Zi Bing Fa" (Sun Tzu’s Art of War).

Mmph ... that's a good point. Please understand that: it is actually very good and valuable if one could attend any seminars or talks on "Sun-Zi Bing-Fa" (Sun Tzu’s Art of War) in person.

It is because the experience of actually being there and listening to the teacher / lecturer / speaker extol the 13-chapters of "Sun Zi3 Bing Fa3" (Sun Tzu’s Art of War) in-person, will definitely help a new student or enthusiast of the great treatise on warfare to have a better grasp or understanding. It gives you a very good idea .... a foundation that you could build on in the future. As simple as that.

Ok, to be able or willing to attend any "Sun Zi Bing Fa" (Sun Tzu's Art of War) seminars / courses is good, but NOT the only way to begin getting to know the most well-known among the 7 best military classics of ancient China. Of course you could also start by reading some really good books on the "Sun Zi Bing Fa" (SunTzu’s Art of War).

Ok, here are some books I would recommend if you want to start immediately to get to know the "fundamentals" of the 13 chapters of the "Sun Zi Bing Fa" (SunTzu’s Art of War)


Monday, August 15, 2005

Sun Zi Bing Fa - Sun Tzu's Art of War

Sun Zi Bing Fa (Sun Tzu's Art of War)

Hehe ... "Sun Zi Bing Fa" (or more commonly known in the west as Sun Tzu's Art of War) is one of the most popularly read and translated book of military strategy of ancient China.

What actually is "Sun Zi3 Bing Fa3"?
"Sun Zi3" is the respectable term used to address the original author who wrote SZBF and it actually means "Master Sun" or "Great Teacher Sun" just like how Confucius is revered as "Kong3 Zi3" ("Great Teacher Kong") instead of his name "Kong3 Zhong Ni2". So, the real name of "Sun Zi3" is "Sun Wu3" (pronounced as "Soon Woo" in English). He was born during the time of the Spring & Autumn Period ("Chun Qiu") ... circa 770-476 BC. At that time, the Middle Kingdom ("Zhong Guo2"), China was separated into 12 states, each with its own ruler. The 12 states were:

  1. Wu State ("Wu2 Guo2")

  2. Yue State ("Yue4 Guo2")

  3. Chu State ("Chu3 Guo2")

  4. Song State ("Song4 Guo2")

  5. Lu State ("Lu3 Guo2")

  6. Zheng State ("Zheng4 Guo2")

  7. Zhou State / Chou State ("Zhou Guo2")

  8. Wei State ("Wei4 Guo2")

  9. Jin State ("Jin4 Guo2")

  10. Yan State ("Yan Guo2")

  11. Qi State / Chi State ("Qi2 Guo2")

  12. Qin State / Chin State ("Qin2 Guo2")

"Sun Wu3" was a native of the Qi State ("Qi2 Guo2") but eventually left and settled down in the Wu State ("Wu2 Guo2") where he was given the chance to present and demonstrate his 13 chapters of war treatise to the Wu King ("Wu2 Wang2") and eventually helping the later proved the effectiveness of the "Sun Zi Bing Fa" by defeating the other states over and over again in many battles, thus helping establish Wu State as one of the most powerful states during the Spring & Autumn Period ("Chun Qiu").

"Bing Fa3" means "Art of War" or "Military Strategy", or in this case "War Treatise". So, that's why "SunZiBingFa" is commonly translated as "Sun Tzu's Art of War".

Just by reading and understanding the concepts extolled in the Sun Zi Bing Fa, one can clearly see that "Sun Zi" is definitely one of ancient China's most brilliant military strategist and in the same league with the very well-known "Zhu Ge3 Liang4" or "Kong3 Ming2" of the 3 Kingdoms period (circa 220-280AD).

"Sun Tzu's Art of War" is more than a book of military strategy. In fact it is also a book of psychology and human relationships. The theories and concepts of "Sun Zi Bing Fa" can be effectively used to enhance our work, business and life in general.

"Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself ... One Hundred Battles, One Hundred Victories!" - SunZi (510BC)

In recent years, interests in the "Sun Zi Bing Fa" has greatly increased in Malaysia & Singapore, due to the great efforts by experts to disseminate its theories and concepts through books and seminars. Among the most established and well-known experts of "Sun Tzu's Art of War" in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia in general are: Dr. Wee Chou-Hou (Professor of Business Policy, National University of Singapore), Dr. Ong Hean-Tatt (GUI Management) and Mr. Khoo Kheng-Hor. Sun Zi Bing Fa seminars are conducted in Malaysia and Singapre all year round by these experts (and many more), in both English and Chinese.

Ok, is "Sun1Zi3Bing1Fa3" all about strategies for war and victories in conflict?

"To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting Is The Perfect Victory" - SunZi (510BC)

What do you think? Hehe :)


ps. The "Sun Zi" or "Sun Tzu" in "Sun Zi3 Bing Fa3" (Sun Tzu's Art of War), is pronounced as "Soon Cher (with a silent "c")" instead of "Sun Zee".

pss. Apart from "Sun Zi Bing Fa" (Sun Tzu's Art of War), the other "must-read" ancient chinese classics are:

  • Journey To The West ("Xi You2 Ji4")

  • Water Margin (Outlaws of the Marsh) ("Shui3 Hu3 Zhuan4")

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms ("San Guo2 Yuan3 Yi4")

  • Dreams of the Red Mansion ("Hong2 Lou2 Meng4")

Thursday, July 21, 2005

BingFa - "Art of War"

Bing Fa (pronounced as "bing fa3" in Mandarin Chinese language): roughly translated to mean "Art of War". Yes, this blog is all about thoughts, ideas and knowledge on war and military strategies, tactics, methods, etc.

You will find my point of views and writings on the 7 Military Classics of Ancient China:
  • Jiang Tai Gong Liu Tao (Tai Kung's 6 Strategies of War)
  • Si Ma Bing Fa (Ssu-Ma's Art of War)
  • Sun Zi Bing Fa (Sun Tzu's Art of War)
  • Wu Zi Bing Fa (Wu Tzu's Art of War)
  • Wei Liao Zi Bing Fa (Wei Liao-Tzu's Art of War)
  • Huang Shi Gong San Lue (The 3 Strategies of Huang Shih-Kung)
  • Tang Tai Zong, Li Wei Gong Wen Da Lu (Q&A Between Emperor Tai Tsung of the Tang Dynasty and Duke Li of Wei)
Other Chinese war treatises:
  • San Shi Liu Ji (36 Strategies)
  • Sun Bin Bing Fa (Sun Pin's Art of War)
  • Zhu Ge Liang Bing Fa (Zhu-Ge Liang's Art of War)
  • Mao Ze Dong Bing Fa (Mao Tze-Dong's Art of War)
And not forgetting other famous books on war strategies:
  • The Book of 5 Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
  • The Prince & The Art of War by Niccolo Machiavelli
And last but not least:
  • Hou Hei Xue (Thick Face, Black Heart Theory) by Li Zhong Wu & Chu Chin-Ning
  • Warrior of the Light by Paolo Coelho
  • Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa
  • Hagakure Kikigaki (葉隠-In the Shadow of Leaves) by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
  • On War ("Vom Kriege" in German) is a book on military strategy and tactics by Prussian general Karl von Clausewitz
Yep, the best way to prevent war is to understand em. As the famous war strategist of Ancient China (2000 years ago) said:
"Know your enemy, know yourself ... 100 battles, 100 victories".
- Sun Wu (Sun Zi)

"To defeat your enemy in every battle is good. But the sweetest victory is to subdue your enemy without going to war and without the loss of even one single life!"
- Sun Wu (Sun Zi)

I do not advocate nor do I support war. Why? Because war damages everyone involved. It is a Lose/Lose situation. Resources are depleted and wasted. Hundreds and thousands of lives are lost. Peoples suffer. Countries suffer. The whole WORLD suffer.

But I also believe that in order to PREVENT or AVERT war, we have to know about war. Understand war. Comprehend the minds behind why people choose conflict or negotiations. Know war strategies in order to counter em. And sometimes, the best defence is offence.

One should not go to war for any reason. One should not start a war for any reason. But should one be attacked, one should be ready.

by CityHunterGatherer

ps. here's a nice list of military writers.